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So, basically what I am trying to do is to search for a particular link/text on a page and keep track of it - while continuing to search through other links.

So say I have a link like this, and am I want to search for a particular apartment type. Given that there is a category called 'housing' with many different sub-categories, what I would like my script to do is start at the main page, go to the first housing category and search all the links for whatever text I am looking for.

I am using Nokogiri and will be using xpath to parse through all the links to find the specific text that I want.

The issue here, is working my way down the tree. So starting at the root_url, and going to each 'branch', then when I am finished parsing that branch I go back to the root and check the next link.

I tried many permutations of using loops, but I kept getting stuck in - what seems like - an incorrect nested loop.

You don't have to write it out for me, in detail, just tell me how I can approach going from the root, to each, and back out to the root and into the next.

What data structures would be best, and how should I structure it?

I will be using an array to return all the links that match the string I am searching for on each individual sub-category...but how do I then move from there back to root and continue that journey.


P.S. I am not using Rails, just a barebones Ruby 1.9.2 script.

Edit1: This solution needs to be able to be scalable up or down more levels. E.g., say I want the script to then check other cities nearby NewYork, I don't want to have to go in an put in a new city every time. So that would be an example of parsing 'up' the tree (one more level above the current root). If I wanted to drill down into each link that is returned and search in the text on that page, I would want the script to be able to do that too. So, for instance, say after searching through New York's listings for an apartment (not a house), the script returns some links. I would then want the script to drill down into each of those apartment listings, and just find those that are '2 bedrooms'. So that would be an example of drilling 'down' more levels.

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What's with the close vote? –  marcamillion Feb 24 '12 at 5:35
This reads a bit like "I have an idea. Please implement it for me". You'd get a better response if you define a specific problem and show what you've tried so far. Showing code is preferable. –  Mark Thomas Feb 25 '12 at 22:54
Ok fair enough....will write another question then. –  marcamillion Feb 26 '12 at 4:02

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