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I'm trying to add a number wildcard to a query to look for a number in a specific position. The query looks something like this:


The problem with this query is that it picks up everything that starts with "m" and has a character in the second position. I need something that work like a Unix wildcard:


I want it to include m0, m1, m2, etc, but exclude ma, mb, mc, etc.

How would I accomplish this in Oracle 10g?

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In 10G you have the wonder of regular expressions. So, your query could be:

select submitter
  from base_element
 where regexp_like(submitter, '^m[[:digit:]]')

^ anchors the expression to the start of the line and [[:digit:]] matches to any digit.

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Thanks for the references. I wasn't aware of the function "regexp_like". That solved my problem. – jmq Feb 23 '12 at 19:46
No problem @jmquigley; my only advice is to not rely on regular expressions if you can avoid it. They can get massively over-complicated extremely easily, though they're perfect for situations like this. – Ben Feb 23 '12 at 20:26

Try to use the REGEXP_LIKE function (

Your case could be solved like this:

select submitter from base_element where regexp_like( submitter, '^m[0-9]' );

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You could use regexp_like:

where regexp_like(submitter, '^m\d')
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