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I have used netbeans before with svn, and I liked how it showed me what I had changed since last commit, using the coloring in the left margin. Can Elipse do the same? I have installed svnclipse....

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Visit Window -> Preferences -> General -> Editors -> Text Editors -> Quick Diff, and enable

  • Enable quick diff
  • Show differences in overview ruler
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The "Show differences in overview ruler" is unchecked in a vanilla Eclipse (Kepler) install - pity it is not on by default as it is so useful. –  k1eran Feb 21 at 17:03

I have only heard of Subclipse, haven't tried it though.

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SubVersive and Subclipse can both show changed files in the project explorer and differences between versions in the history. I currently use Subversive and am happy with it (although installing it was painful the first time.)

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Had a similar problem. It turn out that the SVN Label decorations in eclipse weren't enable.

   Preferences: General/Appearance/Label Decorators

This post helped me out: SVN-connected project not showing version info in eclipse

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