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Hi this is the part of my code. I need to link each image in the array to different urls. Is this even possible to do it from inside, like dataArrClothes.push(["imagename.jpg","<a href="someurl"></a> "Description"]); Any help is greatly appreciated.

var dataArrClothes = new Array();
dataArrClothes.push(["imagename.jpg", "Description"]);
dataArrClothes.push(["imagename.jpg", "Description"]);
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I'm sorry, I didn't understand what you want. Could you be more clear? – Marcelo Assis Feb 23 '12 at 21:00
Can explain in more detail what you mean by "link an image to different urls"? – Julien May Feb 23 '12 at 21:01

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You probably want to use an array of objects instead of an array of arrays..

var dataArrClothes = [];

dataArrClothes.push({ img_src: "imagename.jpg", description: "Description"});

dataArrClothes.push({ img_src: "imagename.jpg", description: "Description"});

This would give you the following...

dataArrClothes[0].img_src; // "imagename.jpg"

dataArrClothes[0].description: // "Description"

You then have array of objects with img_src and description properties.

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You can use an object literal, such as:

   {ImageUrl: 'imagename.jpg',
    Description: 'Your description here'
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