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first thing I have to say: I'm really new to JQuery and Javascript, so forgive me if it's a stupid question.

My problem with fancybox is this: When the plugin put the "a title" under the image shown I need the "img title" too, but I have no idea of how to do it :/

I hope someone can help me (and please explain it to me like if I were reeeeeally stupid :D)

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what have you tried? give us some code to look at –  Henesnarfel Feb 23 '12 at 21:14
Show use some HTML. Edit your question, paste it in, highlight it and press the "{}" button. –  Diodeus Feb 23 '12 at 21:15
what version of fancybox? –  JFK Feb 23 '12 at 21:18

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Not sure if this helps, but the title attribute on an anchor <a />, is what shows up and will override whatever you have in the title tag of the <img /> element, if you're creating an anchor around an image. Unfortunately there's no default way to show both. Trying to nest title attrs, your browser will only display the one at the top level.

Although you can apply the title attribute to most HTML elements, by no means should you. If you have longer descriptive text for an image beyond what's acceptable for alt, you should include it in using the longdesc attribute.

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