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How can I distinguish function calls and field names using JSQLParser?

For example, the query SELECT COUNT(*) FROM db.table parses COUNT(*) as a field name and not a function call.

What do I need to do to change the SQL parsing to show COUNT(*) as a function call?



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You do not have sample code, so the code below is based on my guessing that you want to show that the count(*) is actually a function call only.

import java.io.StringReader;

import net.sf.jsqlparser.JSQLParserException;
import net.sf.jsqlparser.expression.Function;
import net.sf.jsqlparser.parser.CCJSqlParserManager;
import net.sf.jsqlparser.statement.select.PlainSelect;
import net.sf.jsqlparser.statement.select.Select;
import net.sf.jsqlparser.statement.select.SelectExpressionItem;

public class MySQLParser
    CCJSqlParserManager parserManager = new CCJSqlParserManager();

    public MySQLParser() throws JSQLParserException
        String statement = "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM db.table1";
        PlainSelect plainSelect = (PlainSelect) ((Select) parserManager.parse(new StringReader(statement))).getSelectBody();        
        System.out.format("%s is function call? %s",
                ((Function)((SelectExpressionItem) plainSelect.getSelectItems().get(0)).getExpression()).isAllColumns());
    public static void main(String[] args) throws JSQLParserException

        new MySQLParser();


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