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How can i find a file that stored in specific folder in a hard drive?

For example, I have file named 171_s.JPG

I need to find the file by its partial name, i.e. 171_s.

Any idea how can i implement this?

Thank you in advance!

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Yes, use Directory.GetFiles. For example, to search the entire hard disk with the label C:

var matches = Directory.GetFiles(@"C:\", "171_s*", SearchOption.AllDirectories);

or if you know the specific directory and only want to search that directory:

var matches = Directory.GetFiles(path, "171_s*", SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly);
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You can search a specific directory using the GetFiles method:

string directory=@"C:\temp";
string searchParams =@"171_s*";

foreach (string file in System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(directory,searchParams))
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var files = Directory.GetFiles("C:\\",
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