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It is possible to define rules dynamically completely at runtime ? Also change the ruleset at runtime.

For example,

at time = t_1 the ruleset is { R1, R2, R3 } 
at time = t_2 the ruleset is { R1, R3, R4 } 

R1, R2 are rules that are defined at runtime.


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Yes, Drools is completely dynamic. You can add/remove/replaces rules at runtime. All the existing sessions are automatically updated in order to keep consistency. Check the documentation/javadoc:

And here you can see some integration tests:

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Read the documentation and check out the tests about "KnowledeAgent" to see what you can do and how you can do it.

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In Drools 5 you just need to change KnowledgeBase, it will keep the KnowledgeSession implicitly up to date. That is what the integration tests tell you. You actually do not need a KAgent for that.

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