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I have a fairly simple user control that represents a basic login control. So it has a couple labels, text boxes, and a button. I would like this user control to fill its container, so I have set its dock mode to fill. So far easy enough.

Now, I would like all the controls in my user control to be centered based on whatever size my user control is when rendered. I can't think of a anchor / dock combination that will do the trick.

The user control has a ReSize event. So I know I can calculate and move the controls based on my User control's size during that event. But I was hoping this issue was common enough to be handled through the designer if I desired.

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Look at the TableLayoutPanel control and use it in conjunction with the docking and anchor properties. You should be able to control the layout fairly precisely that way.

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Of course. I've been out of Winforms programming for a bit and I missed this one in the docs. Spoiled by css I guess, I didn't look hard enough. Thanks. –  Matthew Vines Jun 2 '09 at 22:28

It is actually all pretty simple. You just have to turn off all anchor properties, and set dock to none.

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