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So I am trying to send emails out of one of my boxes running centos, and I have sendmail installed and turned on, but it'll take literally minutes for an email to send. Aren't emails supposed to be almost instant?

Here is my /etc/sysconfig/sendmail file, if it helps any:


Thanks in advance!

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I found the solution:

I had to change:     localhost localhost.localdomain     nartuomeetsbleach

in /etc/hosts to this:     localhost localhost.localdomain

It was giving me this error in /var/log/maillog:

Feb 20 11:55:16 narutomeetsbleach sendmail[18283]: My unqualified host name (narutomeetsbleach) unknown; sleeping for retry

It would sleep because it couldn't resolve the host name "narutomeetsbleach", and would send it later. Just in case you ever run into an issue similar to this!

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