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Here is an example:

class MyClass

obj = MyClass.new
obj.instance_eval do
  def hello

# => "hello"

obj.methods.grep "hello"
# => ["hello"]

MyClass.instance_methods.grep "hello"
# => []

MyClass's instance methods don't contain 'hello' method, so My question is where Ruby stores the method defined in instance_eval()?

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The first def if a typo? –  lucapette Feb 23 '12 at 22:49

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Look at this:

obj = MyClass.new
def obj.hello

obj.hello #=> "hello"
obj.singleton_methods #=> [:hello]
obj.methods.grep :hello #=> [:hello]

obj.instance_eval do
  def hello2 ; end
end #

obj.singleton_methods #=> [:hello, :hello2]

As you can see instead of using instance_eval you can also define a method directly on an object. In both cases they end up in the object's singleton class (eigenclass), which can be accessed via obj.singleton_class in Ruby 1.9 and the class << self ; self; end idiom in Ruby 1.8.

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