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when fixing mass spelling errors in my code base i have used this:

find . -path '*/.svn' -prune -o -name  "*min.js" -prune -o -name "*min.css" -prune -o -name "flashLocaleXml.xml" -prune -o -type f -print0 | xargs -0 egrep -n "priority=" -exec sed -i 's/replace/newval/' {} \;

to fix a specific spelling error in all the files in my repo.

however, i am not very good with sed captures, i want to do something like:

X.addEventListener(LevelUpEvent.GENERIC_LEVEL_UP, updateLevels);
EventUtil.addEventListener(X, LevelUpEvent.GENERIC_LEVEL_UP, updateLevels);

I have read up extensively but I would appreciate someone explaining how sed captures work with this as a specific example.

I have given it a few shots, but nothing I come up with works: here are my tries

echo "X.addEventListener(LevelUpEvent.GENERIC_LEVEL_UP, updateLevels);" | sed 's/\(.*\)EventUtil\(.*EventUtil\)/\1X\2/'

echo "X.addEventListener(LevelUpEvent.GENERIC_LEVEL_UP, updateLevels);" | sed -r 's/(....),(....),(*\.addEventListener)(LevelUpEvent.*)/\1,\2\n\1,\2,/g' 

echo "X.addEventListener(LevelUpEvent.GENERIC_LEVEL_UP, updateLevels);" | sed 's/\([\.$]*\) \([\.$]*\)/\2 \1/'

thank you in advance!

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Try with:

sed 's/\([^.]*\)\([^(]*(\)/EventUtil\2\1, /'


EventUtil.addEventListener(X, LevelUpEvent.GENERIC_LEVEL_UP, updateLevels);


\([^.]*\)                  # Content until first '.'
\([^(]*(\)                 # Content until first '('
EventUtil\2\1,             # Literal 'EventUtil' plus grouped content in previous expression.
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this is awesome – Daniel Robert Buscaglia Feb 23 '12 at 23:37

This sed command will do.

sed 's/\(X\).\(addEventListener\)(\(LevelUpEvent.GENERIC_LEVEL_UP, updateLevels\));/EventUtil.\2(\1, \3);/'


$ echo "X.addEventListener(LevelUpEvent.GENERIC_LEVEL_UP, updateLevels);" | sed 's/\(X\).\(addEventListener\)(\(LevelUpEvent.GENERIC_LEVEL_UP, updateLevels\));/EventUtil.\2(\1, \3);/'
EventUtil.addEventListener(X, LevelUpEvent.GENERIC_LEVEL_UP, updateLevels);
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Try this

echo "X.addEventListener(LevelUpEvent.GENERIC_LEVEL_UP, updateLevels);" | sed -e "s/\([A-Za-z]\{1,\}\)\.addEventListener(/EventUtil.addEventListener(\1, /"

This regexp will recognize a variable name using


Then .addEventListener(


And replace it with


In which \1 represents the variable name

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