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I have see this in sample objective c code before, but can't find it now and all the searches come back with irrelivent results.

I want to write debug messages to the Xcode output window. What's the command to do that? Basically like System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine for C#.

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NSLog(@"Your message here");

...should do it.

To include data from variables you can use string formatting, e.g:

NSLog(@"Value of string is %@", myNSString);

There are a bunch of different string format specifiers, you can look at them here:

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Thanks. Just after I posted this I typed NS in the editor and saw NSLog come up. Tried it and go figure, it does what it says, logs! :-) – Tyrel Van Niekerk Feb 23 '12 at 22:56

You are looking for NSLog. Calling


will print Message on the console.

See here for more info about how to use string formatters to print the values of variables like in the examples below:

NSLog(@"This is a string: @", aString);
NSLog(@"This is an int: %d", anInt);
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Thanks for the answer. – Tyrel Van Niekerk Feb 24 '12 at 1:41

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