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After doing my research, I could not get an answer for this question:

When a developer gets the locale field from the User object, does this locale is based on the user's said country on their profile? Or does Facebook do a geolocation check based on the user's IP for each session to determine the locale?

This is important since I need to know how realiable the locale field is.

EDIT: So, it all appears that this locale field is indeed based on the user's said locale on their profile (see Richard's answer below). Is there a way to get a geolocation-checked country code from the FB Graph API?

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User.locale corresponds to the display language the user has selected, eg via the link at the bottom of the home page.

If I change my language from English to Indonesian, for example, my locale changes to id_ID.

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Thank you @Richard-Barnett. I did a test myself and saw that this code was changed the moment I changed the setting in Facebook. I wonder if there is a way where one can get a geolocation-checked country from Facebook Graph API. –  YOMorales Feb 24 '12 at 0:01
Anyway, this basically answered my main question. Thanks. –  YOMorales Feb 28 '12 at 1:32

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