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I would like to add points manually to a plot (through mouse clicks) and then generate coordinate data from those points.

Is there a package or a set of functions that would let me do this in R?

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You can use the base function locator() to do this. Try the following, for example:

df <- data.frame(locator())
## Now, on the plotting device:
##     (1) "Left-click" on each of the four points
##     (2) "Right-click --> Stop" to return to the command-line

## The object that is returned, and assigned to df will look
## something like the following
         x        y
1 1.008072 1.032795
2 2.011049 2.002365
3 3.004381 2.995299
4 3.997714 4.011595

locator() is often useful when you need to precisely place something -- text or a legend, say -- onto a plot in which the coordinate system of the plot isn't easy to read off of the axes. For instance, try this, clicking once before returning to the command-line:

text(locator(1), "I clicked here", col="red")
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Excellent! Is it possible to have the plot display the points as I click them? – Mike Furlender Feb 24 '12 at 0:51
Sure. You can do locator(type="p") to have the points plotted in each of the locations you click. Have a look at its help page, and also that for locator(), and then just play around with it for a while to learn about some of the other options/possible applications. Cheers. – Josh O'Brien Feb 24 '12 at 0:59
Well just that alone doesn't plot it until all points are entered. I figured it out though. This works: while(nrow(df)<10)df <- rbind(df,data.frame(locator(n=1,type="p"))) – Mike Furlender Feb 24 '12 at 1:09
@MikeFurlender -- Interesting. For me, using R on Windows XP, locator(type="p") and even df <- data.frame(locator(type="p")) do plot the points immediately upon clicking. The behavior must depend on some details of the OS and/or device being clicked upon. – Josh O'Brien Feb 24 '12 at 2:22

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