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<textarea name="notes"rows="2" cols="70" readonly><?php if(!empty($this->log_note)){ echo $this->log_note;} ?>
<label for="add_note"> Add Note </label>
<textarea name="add_note" rows="2" cols="70">

Lets say I have a text area in a form that displays data from a database table.

Now I have another text area field, and when I enter data it will update the above table field with the data entered.


                     UPDATE notes SET note='$post_add_note' WHERE id='$hidden_id'

Now next time when I display the text area field with the name 'notes', I want the data in the text area to be displayed in a newline. i.e My
tag should work or is there any other way to display it with a line break?

NOTE: I will take care of the SQL injection scenarios, but I want to get my logic right first.

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Any line breaks in the space between the <textarea></textarea> tags are displayed in the text box. If you replace "<br>" with "\n" it should work.

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Thanks @spencercw! –  newbie Feb 24 '12 at 1:05

Best way when u typing your data in textarea please add at the end of line "< br />" It will start printing next data in new line.

eg: abc< br /> xyz< br />

output look like:

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