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i have this menu:

 $menu['talent'] = array(
                 array('id'     => 'welcome', 
                       'label'  => 'My Profile', 
                       'uri'    => '/profile/,
                       'class'  => 'navlink'
                 array('id' => 'welcome', 
                       'label' => 'My Profile', 
                       'class'  => 'navlink',
                       'uri' => '/profile/

this will end up looking like this:

    <li><a href="" class="navlink">My Profile</a></li>
    <li><a href="" class="navlink">My Profile</a></li>

how can i change the ul into a div and also the li into something else?

any idas?


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Well, to accomplish this I would use one of these two methods:

Using a View Helper and overload menu()

In order to overload Zend_View_Helper_Navigation_Menu, you could write you own helper, register it and make it extends Zend_View_Helper_Navigation_Menu. In your helper, you can overload the method you want such as _renderMenu() and make it renders <p> instead of <li> for example. In your View Helper, you would have to return the parent::menu() or something like this.

Finally, you have to register this new View Helper using:

$view->addHelperPath(APPLICATION_ROOT . '/library/My/View/Helper/Navigation', 'My_View_Helper_');

Using a partial script

This one seems to me a little bit longer, but it worth a try. Basically, you need to set a partial script to your navigation using setPartial() method and you menu will be rendered through this partial.

<?= $this->navigation()->menu()->setMaxDepth(2)->setPartial('partials/_nav.phtml')->render() . PHP_EOL; ?>

Afterwards, in your _nav.phtml you can render your menu as you wish. From this partial, you can access the menu variables using $this->container. Then, you can iterate through each page of your container, and display what you want.

I know all of this seem pretty complicate for such a simple task, but unfortunately this is the only solution. Does anyone have a better idea?

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