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I am trying to perform a geospatial query with the MongoDB::Collection package for Perl, but it's not working. Does anyone have an example use? Does it even work? There is no specific example in the package documentation and the example documentation on the site isn't working.


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Problem solved. It turns out that JSON conversion of some of my data types were off. Which is interesting considering that I'm using Perl. –  MadHacker Feb 24 '12 at 1:30

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its only array query so you can convert this code to perl:

$earthRadius = 6378; // km
$range = 35; // max search km
$max = $range / $earthRadius;

'lat' =>
    array('$within' =>
       array('$centerSphere' =>
          array(array(floatval(  52.417 ), floatval( 16.883 )),

$collection->ensureIndex(array('loc.lat' => "2d"), array('background' => true) );
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