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I am a Rails Newbie.

I am using fb_graph gem to extract information. Rails 3.2.1 & Ruby 1.9.2p290

In my controller I have

@user_facebook = FbGraph::User.fetch('my.Name', :access_token => 'myaccesstoken')

In my view, I have

<%= @user_facebook.name %><br/>
<%= @user_facebook.identifier %><br/>
<%= @user_facebook.picture %><br/>
<%= @user_facebook.link %><br/>
<%= @user_facebook.username %><br/>
<%= @user_facebook.bio %><br/>
<%= @user_facebook.birthday %><br/>

The Output is displayed as it is intended but..

for <%= @user_facebook.education %> I get the entire array of objects as the facebook document says..

[#<FbGraph::Education:0x007f950bc0a088 @school=#<FbGraph::Page:0x007f950bc09d90 @identifier="134788803212663", @endpoint="https://graph.facebook.com/134788803212663", @access_token=nil, @cached_collections={}, **@name="abcdefghijkl"**, @username=nil, @category=nil, @talking_about_count=nil, @like_count=nil, @affiliation=nil, @artists_we_like=nil, @attire=nil, @awards=nil, @band_interests=nil, @band_members=nil, @bio=nil, @booking_agent=nil, @can_post=nil, @company_overview=nil, @culinary_team=nil ............. ..... ........ ....@founded=nil, @release_date=nil, @checkin_count=nil, @hours={}>>]

When I use this <%= @user_facebook.education.first %>

i get #<FbGraph::Education:0x007f950f47c330>


When I use this <%= @user_facebook.education.last %>

i get #<FbGraph::Education:0x007f950e4e1790>

How can I get a simple list of all the schools I went.. [its in @name] but I not sure, who to extract just that information.

Looking for help and support! Thanks!

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Based on my reading of the code for FbGraph::Education it should be @user_facebook.education[0].school. It is an object with attrs to access for information.

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Thanks for the answer but it results in an error! It says undefined method `school' for #<Array:0x007f950e4ff790> –  reko Feb 24 '12 at 4:14
@reko Looking into it... my apologies –  ScottJShea Feb 24 '12 at 4:52
@reko I forgot that it was in an array. Does using the [0] change anything? –  ScottJShea Feb 24 '12 at 5:16

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