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I am trying to extract a list of files within a folder and am currently using:

 string[] files = Directory.GetFiles(txtbxNewFolder.Text);

But that returns things like "C:\Users\Dahlia\Desktop\New Folder\jerry.txt". Is there a way to return only "jerry.txt", or do I need to do some sort of split on the array strings?

I am also trying to return a list of folders within a directory and am currently using:

string[] folders = Directory.GetDirectories(txtbxOldFolder.Text);

But that returns things like "C:\Users\Dahlia\Desktop\New Folder\folder1". Is there a way to return only "folder1", or do I need to do some sort of split on the array strings?

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Using LINQ you can get a list of just the files:

Directory.GetFiles(txtbxNewFolder.Text).Select(f => Path.GetFileName(f));

Though rather than GetFiles I'd probably use:

Directory.EnumerateFiles(txtbxNewFolder.Text).Select(f => Path.GetFileName(f));

It isn't as simple to get the directory name, but this should work (untested):

    .Select(d => new DirectoryInfo(d).Name);

Similarly, there is a:

    .Select(d => new DirectoryInfo(d).Name);
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The solutions you listed worked, however I did have to add .ToArray() to the end of each to get it to populate into the array. string[] folders = Directory.GetDirectories(txtbxOldFolder.Text) .Select(d => new DirectoryInfo(d).Name).ToArray(); string[] files = Directory.GetFiles(txtbxNewFolder.Text) .Select(f => Path.GetFileName(f)) .ToArray(); –  Fuzz Evans Feb 24 '12 at 15:44

You could use Path.GetFileName and LINQ


string[] files = Directory.GetFiles(txtbxNewFolder.Text)
                          .Select(f => Path.GetFileName(s))
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Have a look at the FileInfo and DirectoryInfo classes.

You can do:

foreach (String file in files) {
    var fi = new FileInfo(file);

Similar for DirectoryInfo.

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