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I'm trying to use Lombok in my project that I'm developing using IntelliJ IDEA 11.

I've installed 3rd-party plugin for IDEA and it seems working fine because IDEA sees all autogenerated methods/fields.

So I have a class that uses Slf4j. I annotated it like this

import lombok.extern.slf4j.Slf4j;

public class TestClass
    public TestClass()

But when I build my project compiler spits: cannot find symbol variable log.

Could you please tell me what I'm missing here ?

Update: It turned out it's RequestFactory annotation process that fails.

input files: {com.zasutki.courierApp.server.TestServlet, com.mine.courierApp.server.model.DatastoreObject}

annotations: [javax.inject.Singleton, javax.inject.Inject, lombok.Getter, lombok.Setter, com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.Id, com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.OnSave]

Processor com.google.web.bindery.requestfactory.apt.RfValidator matches [lombok.Getter, com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.Id, javax.inject.Inject, lombok.Setter, com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.OnSave, javax.inject.Singleton] and returns false.

cannot find symbol variable log

Any ideas on workarounds ?

Update2: Perhaps it's not something readers want to hear but I ended up switching to Scala.

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Errors appear even without the plugin. I am not able to run tests of a project if Lombok is in my pom.xml dependencies. –  Nowaker Feb 26 '12 at 21:57

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I have fixed it in IDEA 12 by setting check box Enable annotation processing in:

Settings -> Compiler -> Annotation Processors

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Is there a way to set this automatically? Every time I re-import from Maven this setting gets overwritten. –  Brian Oct 21 '13 at 22:36
OP should pick this as the winning answer. –  kprager Jan 29 at 0:01
After you enable this, you may need to "Build -> Rebuild Project" to get those annotations recognized and get rid of the errors. –  Yonatan Jan 30 at 17:01

As noted here, quote: "You should activate external compiler option and enable annotation processors or disable external compiler and disable all of annotation compilers to work with lombok". This fixed my problem. Note that I added the Scala plugin prior to receiving this error, so I suspect the plugin changed some of the above settings.

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Do you have lombok as dependency of your project? lombok.jar must be on the classpath during compiling of the project, which is using any of lombok-annotations.

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It turned out it fails inside annotation processor. I updated my question with output log. –  ruslan Feb 25 '12 at 3:50

Enabling annotation processing will make it work

But if you are on a Mac, make sure you enable annotation processing(tick the checkbox) from both the places available.

1.) Intellij Idea -> Preferences -> Compiler -> Annotation Processors

2.) File -> Other Settings -> Default Settings -> Compiler -> Annotation Processors

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I had a similar issue when building with JDK8, set the project back to JDK7 and it worked fine. Could be an older version of Lombok that won't compile under JDK8.

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