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Our site creates files on-the-fly that present user-specified data to the world on the web.

There is in each such '_present.php' file a form that needs to post to itself -- only problem is, the file is created dynamically based on uploaded user data and the filename is also somewhat arbitrary.

Here's the process

 1) a 'standard' file called _present.php has a common form "TheForm" in it
 2) this file,  _present.php, is copied to Yf9iZ17a.php (for example) when 
      the user uploads data -- and from that point, Yf9iZ17a.php presents 
      that user's just-uploaded data
 3) and "TheForm" is inside this Yf9iZ17a.php, which again is just a copy of 
    _present.php, but modified to handle the user's just-uploaded data

Pretty simple. _present.php has "TheForm" inside it; the user uploads their data; we copy _present.php to a filename for that user's data.

The PROBLEM is -- we need TheForm to post to its own filename, which is dynamically created.

In other words, this won't suffice:

 <form name="TheForm" method="post" action="_present.php">

However, this WOULD work:

  <form name="TheForm" method="post" action="Yf9iZ17a.php">

But we cannot hard-code the form's html with "Yf9iZ17a.php" because -- that filename is created dynamically, on-the-fly, at runtime.

This is one failure we have succeeded in executing:

     <form name="TheForm" method="post" action="<?php echo __FILE__ ;  ?>">  

A 'View Page Source' sure enough proves that "php echo FILE" correctly echos the full path (not relative path, the full path) to Yf9iZ17a.php.

Well that won't work. Giving the browser the fully-qualified pathname to a file -- a file that is on the server -- well why would you WANT to do it in the first place unless you're grasping at straws. So that was a failure.

Surely this comes up, dynamically created filenames whose internal forms must post to those filenames -- what's the best way to solve this problem?

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You can use this instead, perhaps?

<?php echo basename(__FILE__); ?>
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That almost has it. The problem is, each registered user gets a subfolder then their dynamically-created data files (based on _present.php) go in there, so basename() only works if the dynamically-created file is in the root folder of the site. While our database keeps the relative path to the user's subfolders -- I would need to call a php function as the form's "action" and echo the return value of the php function call -- such as: action="echo myPhpFuncToGetsubfolder . basename(FILE) or something. Is it even possible to call a php function as the 'action=' of a form? – wantTheBest Feb 24 '12 at 2:55
You may prune the FILE absolute path just to the depth you need as well - or replace <?php echo basename(__FILE__); ?> with more complex expression, calculating the user sub-folder as well. – raina77ow Feb 24 '12 at 2:58
Yep it occurred to me, you brought up basename() and that's an example of calling a php function, I guess I should be able to call any function as my action=" " in the form. I'll just write a php function in _present.php that constructs the relative path to the file then echo the return value in my action=" " on the form. Thanks for your help. – wantTheBest Feb 24 '12 at 3:03

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