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I am doing a picture viewer for my website. There is a problem of opacity with the displayed image. I want my image opacity to 100% and my black background to 80% instead of:

I tried to set opacity directly on my image, but It didn't work. enter image description here

I have this jQuery function:

        // Create image frame
        $("#imageView").css("width" , $(document).width());
        $("#imageView").css("height" , $(document).height());
        $("#imageView").css("display" , "block");
        $("#imageView").css("opacity" , "0.8");
        $("#imageView").css("background-color" , "black");
        $("#imageView").css("position" , "absolute");
        $("#imageView").css("left" , "0");
        $("#imageView").css("top" , "0");
        $("#imageView").css("z-index" , "9000");
        $("#imageView").css("text-align" , "center");

            // Load big picture
        var miniSrc = $(this).attr("src").split("/");
        var imgName = miniSrc[miniSrc.length - 1];
        var bigSrc = "images/big/" + imgName;
        var imgHtml = "<img id='bigImg' src='" + bigSrc + "' alt='' style=\"heigth:200px; width:300px\"/>";

        // Insert Picture with animation

            height: "400px",
            width: "600px",


Imageview is an empty div in my body.

what's the problem with my css ?

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Oh I didn't know the black background was only a mask. Thank you, It was exactly this – Pier-Alexandre Bouchard Feb 24 '12 at 2:53

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The id="imageView" element cannot have the image as a child - move the image outside.

This is the same pattern jQuery UI uses when popping modal dialogs...

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Your background has a higher z-index than your image. Give the image a higher z-index than the background and you should be good.

ETA: The opacity is probably inheriting from the div too so you should reset that for the image as well.

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I tried something like : $("#bigImg").css("z-index" , "9001") without results.. – Pier-Alexandre Bouchard Feb 24 '12 at 2:48
The opacity cascades down to all children – xandercoded Feb 24 '12 at 2:52
Yes, I tried to force it over the mask background, but It didn't work – Pier-Alexandre Bouchard Feb 24 '12 at 2:54
Thanks @Xander, and this is why it cannot be a child... because even if you set opacity = 1 on the image it is 100% of 80% is still 80%? – Malk Feb 24 '12 at 3:00

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