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I have a master store like:

var data = {

   identifier: "pkid",
   items: [ {pkid: 3456, name: "Tom", kids: [ {pkid: 3459, kidname: "Jenny"}, {pkid: 45698, kidname: "Jimmy"} ]

   var mainStore = new ItemFileWriteStore({data: data});  

   var mainGrid = new var grid = new dojox.grid.DataGrid({
        id: 'grid',
        store: store,
        structure: layout,
        rowSelector: '20px'},

    /*append the new grid to the div*/

    /*Call startup() to render the grid*/

   var selectedRow = mainGrid.getItem(0);

   var kids = mainStore.getValues(selectedRow, "kids");

var kidsData =


   identifier: "pkid",
   items: kids

  var kidsStore = new ItemFileWriteStore({data: kidsData});

  var kidsGrid = ........
         store: kidsStore,

First of all the reference kids in kidsData does not work as dojo throws error when rendering kidsGrid.

Secondly suppose I want to delete an item (row or kid) in kidsStore, I want that kid to be deleted from mainStore as well. Is there a good solution that works?

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I can't to help you of all, but let's see In jsfiddle some of your code not correct. May Be helped. –  OammieR Feb 24 '12 at 7:57

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First, ItemFileWriteStore and JsonRestStore do not work with the same structures. IFWS uses arrays only whereas JRS uses a mix of arrays / objects.

I'm afraid you will have to manage the relationships by hand. For example, when clicking on validate after editing the kids, you will loop through them, then update the JRS, then

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