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This is part of a script I was working on which definitely returns and array, but I would like the result to be in [[:a, :c].to_set,[:b,:c].to_set].to_set and not [[:c, :b], [:c, :a]].

@potentially_alive = Array.new
if (self_defended?(s))
    @potentially_alive.delete_if { |pa| pa.subset?(s.to_set)}
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If your currently result is [[:a, :c], [:b, :c]]

and you would like to to change it to [[:a, :c].to_set, [:b, :c].to_set]

You can to the following (if @potentially_alive = [[:a, :c], [:b, :c]]):

@potentially_alive.map! { |a| a.to_set } or @potentially_alive = @potentially_alive.map { |a| a.to_set }

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sorry where will either of this solution replace –  El nino Feb 24 '12 at 10:01

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