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I am setting a redis key with a value which would be there not more than a week. And expiration time set to key will automatically expire the key in first monday morning 8:29 am.

For above result, I have to calculate the expiration time in seconds for current time to coming monday 8:29 +0545.

Ex. if today is Feb 24, Fri 10:00 am then it should calculate time difference from today to coming Monday 8:29 am.

I have done some coding and conditions are ready. The time difference only occurs on time objects. Shall I make the coming Monday 8:29 am a Time object with no date on it and make the operation with current Time object?

Any kind of suggestions and help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. I have also tried to use time_diff gem but it gives difference on time objects only.

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To get 8:29 AM of next Monday you could do:

monday = Time.now.next_week + 8.hours + 29.minutes

monday.to_i - Time.now.to_i would then give you the number of seconds from now until that time.

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Thanks for you response! – Rajan Maharjan Feb 24 '12 at 8:05
It was really helpful to solve my problem. Thank you so much James. And cheers. – Rajan Maharjan Feb 24 '12 at 12:25

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