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I've been working on this for two days straight now. I'm using Rails 3.1.

My setup is like the one Lopez42 spelled out at the bottom of the page at Facebook I like button not working all the time

Unlike the other posts here, my like buttons appear fine, my comment box pops up and my AJAX calls return success.

The problem:

If I click the Like button and leave the comment blank, everything seems to work fine. The like count is updated (I verified at,total_count,like_count,comment_count,share_count,click_count+from+link_stat+where+url=my_url&format=json)

The post to the wall says "so-and-so Liked a link".

If, however, I enter a comment, the post to Wall says "so-and-so Shared a link" and no counts get updated (as per same test URL from above).

One other thing. I have quite a few Like buttons on the same page, each with their own URL. I've tried using both HTML5 div fb-like and the fbml tag fb:like.

Also, the facebook debug lint page gives good reports on all og tags, etc.

Anyone have any ideas?

TIA, Dan

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