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What is Proper CSS for hiding any HTML. Example- Like <div> tag. I use to do this:

div {display:none; visibility:hidden;}

Does the CSS Supports all the major browsers to Hide that div. Especially Does it Support I.E.

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See reference.sitepoint.com/css/visibility. Avoid using hidden –  Robert Harvey Feb 24 '12 at 4:31

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Both display:none and visibility:hidden are universally supported by CSS-enabled browsers, so only the general CSS caveats apply. The have different effect: display:none causes the document to be rendered as if the element were not there at all, whereas visibility:hidden means that the element will be duly processed when formatting the document, normally occupying some space, but removed from the view as if it were turned completely transparent.

Which one you use depends on your goal of hiding an element. For example, if you dynamically (with a client-side script) switch off or on some content, then visibility:hidden can be better as it does not cause a redraw of other content.

Using both is normally pointless, as display:none makes visibility:hidden irrelevant (though in the cascade, it might happen that your settings for these properties may be overridden by other style sheets, and then display:none may lose effect).

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Use visibility: hidden; if you still want the element to take up space in the page layout. For example:

<div style="visibility: hidden; height: 100px;">Hidden</div>

You will still see 100px between the two pieces of text, but you will not see the contents within the div.


<div style="display: none; height: 100px;">Hidden</div>

There will be no space between the two text elements, as the div will not affect the layout at all.

Both are supported in any modern browser you can think of.

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You don't even need visibility:hidden;.

div {

The above should be enough. And it works in all browsers. It pretty much hides the element completely, as in, it will no longer have an influence in page layout.

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display : none; is enough and standard way to do this

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