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I have a database design issue. My project is about products and retailers.

  • Product table: product_id, product_name, product_description, category_id, quantity_per_unit

  • Retailer table: retailer_id, retailer_name, City

  • Retailer's Stock table: retailer_id, product_id, unit_price, availability

The Retailer's Stock table links each product with its seller

And also Category table with category_id,category_name,category_description

Now I want to have different sizes, colour and brands in product. How should I accommodate them in this database? I have included the price in another table then products table because different retailer can sell the same item at different prices. Any suggestions please Help. Thanks

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Your existing database design already meets your stated requirements. Each instance of a combination of size, colour and brand in a product is a row in your Product table. This is often called a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).

If you want to have products at a higher level, think of breaking your current Product table into two parts, like so:

ProductType ( product_type_id, product_type_name, product_type_description, 
              category_id )

SKU ( sku_id, quantity_per_unit, product_type_id )

Then amend your RetailersStock table to reference SKU instead of Product.

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Okay if I add size,color and brand in product then I don't get what I want. e.g We have a product soap called Lux it has 3 colors and 2 sizes. I want to have one product Lux.and to be able to get that it has 3 colors red pink white and 2 sizes large and small. Hope you get the point what I want to do.In present case I can't achieve this by including size and color in product table because different size and colors will then be different products. Thanks – Waheed Khan Feb 25 '12 at 14:47
@WaheedKhan - Yes, I understand. But you can't keep stock on hand, or even price at the level of "Lux". This is why I'm suggesting that in your current design what you are calling product is really SKU and what you need to add is something at a higher level than your current product table. Some of your attributes of product move up to the new, higher level entity and some stay at the lower level, which I have renamed SKU for the sake of argument. If you do this you will still have one record in Product called "Lux" and different records in SKU for "Red Lux", "Blue Lux" and "Pink Lux". – Joel Brown Feb 25 '12 at 17:33

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