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I want to check whether a property is functional or not. I tried:

  pz:isBase owl:isInverseFunctional .

but it is a syntax error. How can I check whether a property is functional?

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Are you trying to see if the property is an InverseFunctionalProperty? – Pradeep Gollakota Feb 28 '12 at 4:56
In general, you can check Section 2, Mapping from the Structural Specification to RDF Graphs to find out how various OWL axioms will be mapped to RDF (and thus, how to query for them using SPARQL.) In this particular case, the OWL axiom InverseFunctionalObjectProperty( OPE ) is translated into the RDF triple T(OPE) rdf:type owl:InverseFunctionalProperty .. – Joshua Taylor Sep 19 '13 at 20:33
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ASK {pz:isBase rdf:type owl:InverseFunctionalProperty}

To explain: the patterns that RDF represents, and which SPARQL queries, are triples of subject predicate object, or in other words a binary predicate. You're thinking of a unary predicate isInverseFunctional(), but RDF doesn't do unary predicates. Instead, that kind of type or sortal information is encoded as a binary predicate with a special predicate rdf:type, which you can think of as isKindOf or is member of the class.

So, to discover whether a resource denoting a particular predicate in your domain model is an inverse functional property, you ask whether that resource is in the class of, i.e. has rdf:type the class of all inverse functional properties or owl:InverseFunctionalProperty.

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