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Currently I'm using this code for animating back to original state

this.stop().animate(animateVal1, animateMs).delay(duration).animate(animateVal2, animateMs, function() {

Is that possible to return back original state without fading to second color animateVal2? (I mean after animating to first color I want to remove style attribute with animation.)

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This is what I understood from your question:

You have a element X, which is in state A (due to some applied classes from CSS Rules).

You want to animate it to state B, using jquery.animate(), but you want to return it to the original state A. But you do not have a Javascript object containing all the properties of A at the time the animate function can execute.

For this, I recommend you use jQuery UI's switchClass function.

this.stop().switchClass('classB', animateMs).delay(duration).switchClass('originalClass', animateMs);
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