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I am using telerik grid in which i am adding a check box with a column bound value.

my problem is when i am using Client Template like :

columns.Bound(o => o.CaseID).ClientTemplate("<input type='checkbox' name='checkedRecords' value='<#= CaseID #>' />")

.Width(5) .HtmlAttributes(new { style = "text-align:center" });

In this Check box is not getting appear but value of CaseID is getting display.

when i am using like Column.Bound like :

columns.Bound(c => c.CaseID).Title("").Format("<input type='checkbox' value='<#= CaseID #>' />").Encoded(false).Width(5);

check box is getting display but value of CaseID is not getting Bind with Check Box.

I am using MVC3 with aspx engine.


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I googled all the telerik site but i was not able to find it any how, finally i maked it work from my self to make some extra changes like :

columns.Bound(c => c.CaseID).Title("").Format("<input type='checkbox' name='checkedRecords' value='{0}'  id ='{0}'/>").Encoded(false).Width(5);

we have to pass value like this when we are using telerik AJAX check box in telerik grid.

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