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I need to prepare a proposal for the technical specification in the development of a new project, what I've done before was to include the following:

  • Platform The primary technology and secondary ones the system will be programmed
  • OS Target The target in which the system will run
  • Application Server in the case of a web application
  • Application Modules The main modules or tiers the application will be composed.
  • Architecture overview Some brief explanation talking about how the modules will interact together inside the application
  • Interactions How the system will interact with other systems

Besides this sometimes it's worth to specify some things like:

  • SCM If I'm using CVS, SVN, git
  • Database Sometimes I found necessary to list the reasons for using an specific RDBMS

I know I might be totally wrong (that's why I'm asking this here) so I was wondering. Does a template for architecture specification exist? If not -which is the most probable-, what things do you recommend to include in that document

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You might want to use parts of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) for documentation template. You can refer to this question for a number of Open Source alternatives: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/337708/rational-unified-process-alternative-for-documentation-and-templates

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