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I am using Struts2. And having trouble in test a String for null or empty. The String is in a loop.

What I have done so far is

in Action class I have a List<User>. User have id and name fields and have getters and setters...

in JSP i am doing like

<s:iterator value="userList" var="user" status="userStatus">
    <s:if test"%{ != null && != ''}">
       <!-- Do some thing... -->

Problem is that Its not working :(, I cannot see the names and they are visible if I remove the <s:if> block.

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Try with this

<s:if test="%{ != null && != ''}">
   <s:property value=""/>
   <!-- Do some thing... -->
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Thanks! It worked. I am also confused in checking string in Java works in equals(), is it same as != or == in Struts tag in JSP. – Talha Ahmed Khan Feb 24 '12 at 7:25

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