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I am tying to write an application in .Net for a handheld RFID reader on which Windows CE is running. I want to know how do you connect to that reader?

Normally if there is external reader, you simply give its IP and port in your application to connect (either Socket or TcpClient) but in this case the reader is not on a separate machine but both Windows CE and reader are in one handheld device.

So what will be the IP and port in this case? I tried reading its documentation but can't figure out that.

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It's entirely possible it's either on a serial port, or implemented as a keyboard wedge. Try opening a text editor and see if tags are typed in. If not, look at reading serial (COM) ports.

There is a SerialPort class for this very need :)

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I think that you still can connect with IP. Which reader are you using. for example - for Motorola RFID handheld device MC 9190Z I found out in the documentation the following code for connecting to the reader (I also saw the same approach here in some post):

private void ConnectToReader()
            // Establish connection to the RFID Reader
            string hostname = "";
            rfid3 = new RFIDReader(hostname, 5084, 10000);
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