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In my python code:

_response = '"hidden" name="transactionA**rr**ay" value="[{"id":519292,"status":0,"parentid":&quot'
_responseVal = 'transactionA**r**ay" value="[{"id":'
_breakStr = ','
startIndex = _response.find(_responseVal) + len(_responseVal)
remString = _response[startIndex:]
print 'Remaining string: '+remString

I am expecting an empty string, as my search characters do not exist, instead i get Remaining string:

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find() returns -1 when it does not find a match, then you add len(_responseVal), and startIndex points somewhere in the middle of _response. Why would you expect an empty string?

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Nice and concise answer. –  Michael J. Barber Feb 24 '12 at 7:41

Condensed down to the essentials, the trouble is this:

>>> s = "abcde"
>>> s.find("X")

The problem is that the find method of a string returns -1 on failure, so startIndex turns out to be somewhere in the middle of the _response string. You can test the value returned from _response.find to see if it is -1 and handle it specially. Simpler is to switch to using _response.index, which raises a ValueError; you can then just catch the exception and handle it appropriately.

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It seems you want to remove a given string from a larger string. Your specific problems are that find is returning -1 and this value is not being checked, AND you'd need to add len(_responseVal) to the line on the bottom, not the one on the top that changes the start index. Like this:

remString  = ''
startIndex = _response.find(_responseVal)
if startIndex != -1:
   endIndex   = startIndex + len(_responseVal)
   remString  = _response[startIndex : endIndex]

But a much easier way to accomplish the same thing would simply be to use replace:

remString = _response.replace(_responseVal, '')

And if you want it to be empty if responseVal is not contained in response, as you seem to:

remString = ''
if _response.find(_responseVal) != -1:
   remString = _response.replace(_responseVal)
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