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I am trying to develop a multi-threaded activemq consumer. The messages get processed in multiple threads. Is it possible to rollback message for a particular thread in case of some exception or failure? I am looking into session.rollback() and session.commit() but if i call these methods how will i make sure that a particular message gets rolled back?

I am also open if i can selectively commit some message.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Aeijit

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it depends on where your transaction boundaries are set. generally, each thread will have its own transaction and will commit/rollback all messages in its transaction.

another option is to just use the general exception/retry/DLQ strategies to handle individual message failures, this is easier and meets most requirements

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You can either manage message acknowledgement yourself by using Session.CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE and rollback and commit, or preferably make use of a transaction manager to handle this behaviour for you. You should take a look at message redelivery and dead-letter queue handling to get a sense of the options available to you for handling rolled back messages.

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