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In php template I have an object $obj, which has some attributes like $obj->attr_1, $obj->attr_2 etc. How can I call them from Twig template in the for loop?

I tried like this:

{% for i in 1..3 %}
  {% set new_attr = 'attr_' ~ i %}
{% endfor %}

or like this

{% for i in 1..3 %}
  {% set new_attr = 'attr_' ~ i %}
{% endfor %}

but it does not work.

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Try using attribute function.

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thank you, it works –  falinsky Feb 24 '12 at 7:35

Neither approach will work. In the first, new_attr is a string value, so I believe that obj.new_attr will attempt string concatenation. The second approach won't work because it treats obj as an array, which is a different thing to an object.

What you're asking for is reflection - the ability to ask an object for information about itself, such as its methods. PHP has rudimentary support for reflection as documented here http://www.php.net/manual/en/book.reflection.php (see the getMethods entry) but it requires installation of an extension.

As an alternative, why not have a single method on your object called get, which takes a number and then calls the appropriate method, such as

public function get($attr)
   if ($attr == 1) return $this->attr_1();
   // etc...
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