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I'm new here, this is my fist question, but I've performed research and can't find the answer.

I'm developing a Wordpress site and hacking a template that uses masonry with summaries and thumbnails on a grid on the index page. When you click on an image you're directed to the post content. This is the theme:

What I'd like to implement is this:

  1. When the user clicks on the thumbnail, the content is revealed and expanded on the same page. Here's an example from Up Magazine:

I looked at the JQuery script on this very cool Fiddle (#FS34t). The boxes expand and collapse content on click, but that's not quite what I have in mind for this site. Will definitely implement on another.

I thought it would be an easy show /hide function, but each image is linked to a specific post using the same "content" div. How would I use an image in a masonry grid as the trigger for an expand/collapse of content of the respective post -- as in the Up Magazine sample?

Thank you for reading.

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I would add the_content to the post div in its own child div. Then hide that div in the css.

Then I would create a function that opens up that div [I'd use jQuery slideDown()]. The function would also include the masonry reload method [.masonry( 'reload' )] in that function.

I would then bind that function to a click on the div, or perhaps the post thumbnail.

Very roughly:


<div class="post">
<?php the_post_thumbnail() ?>
<div class="excerpt"><?php the_excerpt() ?></div>
<div class="post-content"><?php the_content() ?></div>

the css {
display: none;


$('.classofpostthumbnail').click(function() {

However my js could definitely be improved. [For starters chain the slides with their callbacks so that all the animations run after each other. And of course your html and css will probably be a lot more complicated.

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That was helpful and I'll deploy it in a demo to test. Thanks so much for your feedback! – wiggleroom Mar 12 '12 at 4:27
If this works for you please don't forget to mark my answer as correct. In doing so you will keep the rep system working [mutual benefit] and close your open question in the stack overflow system. – iiz Mar 14 '12 at 13:38

Well ... UpMagazine does not have hidden content on div's we load content into the container with AJAX sending requests to /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php (see: ).

Glad you liked the website.

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