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How can i make a string = a form input box value in c#?
For example, someone enters their username as Bob.
Then the string value User is Bob.

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You should try doing a search before posting a question like this. You would find an answer faster than it took the time to come here and post. – spinon Feb 24 '12 at 7:50

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Easy like this:

string text = YourInputBox.Text;
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You can use one of the following possibilities:

  1. DataBinding;
  2. TextBox TextChanged event;
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string user = MyUsernameTextBox.Text;
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string myString = this.userNameTextBox.Text;
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Something like this?

In your code behind file:

User myUser = new User();
myUser.Username = txtName.Text;

User class:

public class User
     public string Username {get;set; }
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You want some thing like this.

String a="";
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