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I've fetched a repo from one of my old projects and I've edited the files so I can use this as a 'skeleton' for new projects. Say I'm here:


I already have the repo there, edited. How would I go about restarting this repo with those files in that directory? What should I have done?

All I did was pull the repo and edit and push to a different named repo (skeleton.git). Trouble is, this repo obviously contains all the history of the repo I pulled from.

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If you want to restart a git repo, nuke the .git directory and do git init add your files/directories and commit. –  Mike Feb 24 '12 at 7:56

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If you just want to keep your current working tree, and lose all git history etc. you can do

rm -rf .git
git init .
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In my case I had to remove .git and all trace. then copy the app to another location in the hard drive and start all over again (git init . and so on...)

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