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Uhh Sorry its really hard to explain but.

This is already a string:


How can i replace 'Username' with a pre-defined string called User? Would it require Quotes?

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Use string.Replace method. –  AVD Feb 24 '12 at 8:12
you may add your intent, so the answers will focus the right direction –  eFloh Feb 24 '12 at 8:18

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Do you mean you have a string variable called user? If so, something like:

string parameters = "login_username=" + user + 

Or, better:

string parameters = string.Format(
      user, password);

Or you could use (if you can't change the code and have to take the original string with the hard-coded user name):

string updated = fixedParameters.Replace("login_username=Username",
                                         "login_username=" + user);
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Wonderful Thanks!! –  Oliver Kucharzewski Feb 24 '12 at 9:15

Tor replace Strings with Strings you use String.Replace.

var str  = "login_username=Username&login_password=Password&login_submit=Submit";
var str2 = str.Replace("Username", "User");

or if your User is a string variable:

str2 = str.Replace("Username", User);
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string str="login_username=Username&login_password=Password&login_submit=Submit";
str User="Hamlet";

Or if you don't have str pre-defined you can write like this

string User= "Hamlet";
string str= "login_username=" + userName + "&login_password=Password&login_submit=Submit"
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You are asking how to concatenate strings, right?

string userName = "SomeUserName";
string value = "login_username=" + userName + "&login_password=Password&login_submit=Submit"
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