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I cannot seem to freely move a textblock around wherever I want inside a border control. It always snaps to the center. How can I stop this from happening?

This is my markup:

<Border BorderThickness="0" Height="258" Margin="30,206,20,188" Name="border2"  Width="406" >
                <ImageBrush ImageSource="/TestApp;component/Images/blurb.png"/>
            <TextBlock Height="103" x:Name="tBlk_Steps" Text="{Binding Count}" Width="298" FontSize="56" Foreground="#FF00BCE4" ></TextBlock>
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Use the HorizontalAlignment and VerticalAlignment properties on the Textblock. You can also control it with the Margin on the TextBlock.


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Try VerticalAlignment="Top" and HorizontalAlignment="Left"

Alternatively try setting Margin properties on the TextBlock.

One great way to work this sort of thing out is to open up a project in ExpressionBlend - it's Visual designer drives me crazy, but it does also help with some things!

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