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Here i am trying to pass one ID with the url, but that ID didn't append with URL...

def retrieve
    url =  "http://localhost:3000/branches/"
    resource = url+$param["id"]
    puts resource

giving ID via commend line that is

ruby newrest.rb  id="22"

I have got the error like this

`+': can't convert nil into String (TypeError)

But all this working with mozilla rest client. How to rectify this problem?

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You can find the command line parameters in the global ARGV array.

If ruby newrest.rb 22 will do then just

id = ARGV[0]
response = RestClient.get "http://localhost:3000/branches/#{id}"
puts response.body
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Like this:

RestClient.get 'http://localhost:3000/branches', {:params => {:id => 50, 'name' => 'value'}}
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Here are some examples from the documentation:

private_resource = '', 'user', 'pass' '', :param1 => 'one', :nested => { :param2 => 'two' }

Just experiment with comma-separated parameters or with hashes so see what your URL gives you.

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just i need to append the value, which passing through command line. that i mean if i give the id via command line, "localhost:3000/branches/22"; here the 22 is the id value, which i am passing with the command line ruby newrest.rb id="22". So how to get that value and append with that url – amtest Feb 24 '12 at 9:16

From my point of view line puts resource seems strange, but when we leave it as it is I'd suggest

def retrieve
    url =  "http://localhost:3000/branches/"
    resource = url
    res_with_param = resource[$param["id"]]
    puts res_with_param

I haven't tried so there may be a syntax mistakes. I'm really newcomer in ruby. But idea is good I hope.

Greetings, KAcper

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