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I need a way to learn if a user had shared a post (link, video, photo etc.) which is published by a Facebook page. I have the object_id and link of the post, and user_id of the user considered. Is there a Graph API or FQL (or something else) solution to ask Facebook if the user re-shared the post or not? Or is it possible to get a list people who shared the post? So, I can extract my answer from this list.

Note that I know it is possible to find the answer by crawling the user's wall feed. But it is time consuming and I need a more efficient way.

Thanks in advance.

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will not work. directly, but you can as you say get all stream posts of given user (as long as you have the permission) by FQL, with the filter_type 'other' the amount of data to crawl should be acceptable. – Rufinus Feb 24 '12 at 9:12
possible duplicate of Get a list of all the shares of a facebook post – Igy Aug 12 '12 at 22:32

You can use the following FQL to get the data you're looking for.

SELECT via_id, created_time, owner_comment
FROM link
WHERE owner = me()

You can then compare via_id against the posts author (page ID) to determine if this share came from the page in question.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug with the data return where some of the via_ids come back as 0. There is a ticket in with Facebook which, at the time of this post, has been open for three weeks at medium priority. I have no idea if this issue is specific to my app or affects everyone, but that's the query to get what you want.

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