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I need to delete all the application data directories on the exit of an application:


But I get each time the "directory not found error"

Can anybody help me my a PRACTICAL code snippet? This is from my application descriptor:


I know this is possible, but probably I'm typing in a wrong way the directories.

I know also this is not a best practice, but for security reasons I need to delete all the stagewebview cache and autofill form data.

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File.applicationStorageDirectory is the thing you are looking for... It points directly to the application's private storage directory.


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the link is of not much help in this context. But I've found the solution. I was developing in debug mode so the correct application directory is /data/data/air.myappid.debug/ thanks anyway for the help! As of many of us know applicationdirectroy.nativepath gives an empty string on android.

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