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We have a XML schema with a fairly complex grammar for one of our products, for which we need a "basic" graphical editor that is capable of building basic documents based on the schema (complex stuff can always be done programmer-mode).

WYSIWYG is more or less impossible/a waste of time to do meaningfully, so I am investigating WYSIWYM solutions.

Since the application is web-based to begin with, it would be very nice if the editor could be web-based as well.

I've played with jaxe and our schema quite a bit, and is pretty much what I am searching for. However, the configuration facility doesn't give us enough control over how the the document is rendered - the solutions I can come up with leaves us with an XML editor and not a 'document editor', 'yknow. Desire something closer to a WinForms editor à la Visual Studio.

We have a fairly solid vision of what an ideal editor would look like, and (I think) jaxe won't allow us to build it. That, and it isn't web based (no applet).

The Wymeditor editor looks like a fairly solid tool made for XHTML in a style similar to what we would like, but I suspect that they've built it themselves from scratch - not too keen on that either.

I suppose my question is whether anybody has recommendations on current technologies or approaches that would assist us to build an editor as I've (probably poorly) described?

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Might be going with Xopus ... playing with the demo and its very powerful. –  Alex Feb 25 '12 at 3:15

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Have you looked at oXygen XML Author? I'm not completely clear on what you want from the description, but Author may be up your alley. It is not web-based, though.

It's not free, but if you qualify for the Academic/Non-commercial license, the price is very reasonable.

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