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Is it possible to return different results based on the input, like in

MoqSecurityAdminHelper.Setup(x => x.GetAllQuestions(It.IsAny<Boolean>()))
    .Returns(new Dictionary<String, String>
        {"Key1", "Value1"},
        {"Key2", "Value2"}

but if the argument is true return one result, if false... another.

Or is the only way to do it having 2 separate setups?


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MoqSecurityAdminHelper.Setup(x => x.GetAllQuestions(It.IsAny<Boolean>()))
                      .Returns((bool param) => param ? 
                                          someResult : 
                                          someOtherResult );
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Thank you Ufuk ;) –  kooshka Feb 24 '12 at 9:44

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