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I am using Watch Service API of nio.2 class to watch a specific directory in my project(OS platform Ubuntu 11.10). whenever a change is made, for eg if a new file is added named abc.json to the watched directory it first fires the CREATED event and then immediately it fires a MODIFIED event. I came to know that this happens due to the fact that the OS first creates a 0 byte file and then modifies it. What changes should be made in the code given at in order to get only CREATE event fired and not the MODIFIED event.

Secondly, when a MODIFY event is fired, event.context().toString(); method gives output something like this .goutputstream-N2Z89V instead of the filename as given by CREATED or DELETED event. How can me get the file name which is modified?

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If you have to do some process on data then it's better to handle Modify event, because on creation time file has zero byte (empty file).

Try this to get file name

Path _directoryToWatch;
String path = _directoryToWatch.resolve(watchEvent.context()).toString();
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