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I want read custom annotations like @Route for Controllers. I will use it for eventlisteners like this:

 * @Event("some.event");
public function onSomeEvent(Event $event) {}

I found out, I can use an annotation-reader or simple php-reflections for analysing the docblock. Which event I should listen to to trigger my reader? Or can someone give me a hint how it works with @Route-annotations? I need almost the same logic, but I missed obviously some important points by reading the symfony code.

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Depends on when you need to read them. Before a controller is called, after, or inside controller? Clarify your question. – meze Feb 24 '12 at 10:30
I need it early as possible and before the controller is called, because I want configure the eventdispatcher. – Daniel Feb 24 '12 at 10:57
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Take a look at the code in the ControllerListener class within SensioFrameworkExtraBundle. It is registered as a kernel.event_listener here.

This listener reads/parses the annotations provided by that bundle. The annotations provided by SensioFrameworkExtraBundle are located here.

You should be able to simply mimic one of the bundle's provided annotations to accomplish your needs.

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